Socio-spatial Process

Midterm Question: Answer the following question in a 500-word essay. Use examples, cases, and content from this class only to answer the question. What does it mean to see the city as a socio-spatial process? Be sure to define spabcqce and place in your answer.

Guidelines: There is a 500-word limit. This is firm (be careful to not go over or under this number). Open book/open note (only course materials may be used for this assignment) Submit on D2L in the Midterm Assignment as a single PDF or Word document (Microsoft Office is available for free to students). Name your file in this format: “Last Name Midterm” (like: McKinneyMidterm.doc or McKinney-midterm.pdf). Write your name and “USP300 Midterm” at the upper left corner. Please clearly state which question you have chosen to answer. Please use 12-point font, and whatever spacing and margins you prefer (word count is the important thing, here). Clearly indicate the sources you are referring to in your essay. Be sure to define key terms as you use them. You may work with The Writing Center on your writing for this assignment. Please proof-read for clarity and wording. This should be written formally and using an essay structure. Please note the extra credit opportunity after the three questions on the midterm.

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