Social Action Project: Action

Format: Social Action Project: Action
Length: 600 words (+/- 10%)
Curriculum Mode: Case Study
minimum of 5 academic References required.
Question: Am I an activist? This assessment is asking you to consider two questions. Firstly, ‘what is an activist?’. To answer this, using the literature, you are to select a definition/conceptualisation of an activist (50-100 words). Introduce this definition at the beginning of your paper. Think critically here and have fun exploring this concept; tease out some of the nuanced ideas around what it means to be an activist. Have your views around this concept been challenged? Does your chosen definition of an activist reflect this?
Secondly, am I am activist? To answer this, you will draw upon the experiences you have had in working toward social change (or lack of experience- it’s fine to argue that you are not an activist), as well as your understanding of the theories and the research we have explored throughout the unit, to critically discuss how these experiences, participation and commitment to social justice and social change, ‘fit’ within the definition above (500-550 words). Your discussion must be supported by the relevant literature with a minimum of 5 academic References required.
Recommended Readings
Heller, N 2017, ’Is There Any Point to Protesting? We turn out in the streets and nothing seems to happen. Maybe we’re doing it wrong’, Films for Action,
Badham, V, 2020, “Hope in the Time of Coronavirus Lies in Rebuilding the State”, The Guardian,

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