Signals & Systems.

1. Discuss the function of the bit synchronizer.

2.Describe the FSK modulation process. What is M ?

1..If a = 1 and −a = −1 and s = 0.1, compute the likelihood ratio l, if the received point Z is (a) 0.6, (b) 1, (c) −0.6, and (d) 0.

2. For BPSK, compute Pb if Eb /No is (a) 9.2, (b) 9.6, (c) 10.2, and (d) 10.6

1. Determine the output of a multiplier if one input is cos 2pfc t and the other term is (a) cos 2pfc t, and (b) cos(2pfc t + d).

2. Determine the output of an integrator after one second if the input is (a) s 1(t) = 2, (b) s 1(t) = 4, and (c) s 1(t) = t.

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