Should the minimum wage be raised

Argument essay with minimum 1100 words with three sources used and cited and listed in a works cited page using MLA 8th edition format. The works cited page is considered a separate document and is not included in the essay word count. When arguing, your purpose is to convince your reader that your position, or claim, is valid. A good way to think about a position paper is as a presentation of evidence and ideas in support of your position. A position paper should not be merely a summary of various positions, but an argument for one. It can also be an argument in favor of a certain solution to a problem. ANY INFORMATION YOU USE FROM OUTSIDE SOURCES MUST BE CITED TO AVOID PLAGIARISM. Use an in-text citation at the end of the source material to indicate the last name of the author of the borrowed material: (Jones). However, if you use the author’s name in the signal phrase as in the examples above, you do not have to use an in-text citation, but you must still list the source in your Works Cited page.

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