Secondary Source Analysis

Here is a Sample Secondary Source Analysis Worksheet to reference while filling out your worksheet. Please note that this is a sample, and that your worksheet should be based on another secondary source article from the library guide. Download and complete the Secondary Source Analysis Worksheet for the secondary source that you selected. Save this worksheet as a file on your computer. Submit this saved file for instructor grading and feedback.

I have attached all files for my topic I selected in previous project and sources I used.

Library Guide for secondary Source:

Here are a few examples of secondary sources related to Apartheid. Both of these sources are scholarly journal articles. They consider primary sources like those we explored in the previous page and the work of other scholars to come to new conclusions.

Soudien, C. (2015). Nelson Mandela, Robben Island and the Imagination of a new South Africa. Journal of Southern African Studies, 41(2), 353–366. DOI: 10.1080/03057070.2015.1012915.

Read article in Humanities International Complete Database (pdf)
The author discusses the beginning of Mandela’s prison term in 1962 and how Mandela’s prison experience helped shape his vision for what South Africa could become post-Apartheid.

Yadav, A. K. (2007). Nelson Mandela and the Process of Reconciliation in South Africa. India Quarterly, 63(4), 49–84.

Read article in Sage Database (pdf)
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This article focuses on the reconciliation process after the Apartheid was ended. As he indicated he would in his February 11, 1990, speech, Mandela made every effort to pursue a peaceful transition. The author also provides a biographical overview of Mandela and his involvement with the resistance movement.


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