Rutgers Center on Public Security

( and then go to the RTM menu. There you will find several places to browse, including a publication page. Find a recent publication that has used RTM and describe the methodology. What independent variables were used to predict the dependent variable? (First Part/Paragraph)

Go to the International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysis website at . On the site you can download papers and information regarding numerous topics, including crime mapping. Provide a review of at least one of these applications. How is crime mapping useful to criminologists and law enforcement? (Second Part/Paragraph)

What do you conclude from content analysis of the Rutgers Center on Public Security? How are variables used to make sense of big data? What did you learn about crime mapping? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using big data to answer your research questions compared to designing a new study? What did you learn about content analysis? (Third Part/Paragraph)

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