Russian Revolution

Prompt: After a very brief historical context/facts related to the book I would like you to consider overall, what is Journey Into the Whirlwind about besides Ginzburg’s odyssey? What do you think we are supposed to learn from it about revolution? Consider the following exchange when Ginzburg was being interrogated, before she was convicted. If we assume that there was nothing particularly unusual about Ginzburg’s experience (other than her luck), what does truth, honesty, facts, trust, legal processes, and false evidence have to do with what was going on with the purge of Stalin’s Communist associates, and what does that teach us, if anything, about the Russian Revolution specifically, and the nature of revolution generally? If there are facts about the Russian Revolution or Ginzburg’s experience that are important to know/rely upon to answer these questions, please include them (and cite your source/page). In this regard, consider the following exchange (pp. 84-85): Again the Major couldn’t miss the chance to display his learning, and gave me a lecture on the Marxist-Leninist view of ethics. ‘Honest’ meant useful to the proletariat and its state. “It can’t be useful to the proletarian state to wipe out the first generation of Tartar writers, who are all Communists at that.” “We know for a fact that these people are traitors.” “Then why do you need my evidence?” “Just for the record.” “I can’t put on record what I don’t know.” “Don’t you trust us?” “How can I do that when you arrest me without cause, keep me in jail, and use illegal methods of interrogation?” “What are we doing that’s illegal?” “You’ve kept me without sleep, drink, or food for several days to force me to give false evidence.” “Have your dinner, I’m not stopping you. They’ll bring it this minute. Just sign here. You’re only torturing yourself.” In addition to addressing the question your prof has posed, each book report should identify the author’s thesis for the relevant book(s) or article(s) and a brief summary of the reading(s). Each book report will be 1,000 words. Please double space and specify the word count.

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