Risk of Cancer among Firefighters.

Risk of Cancer among Firefighters

For this assignment, draft the preliminary components of a research proposal (((The research topic is about Firefighters being at risk for cancer))) Basically, preparing the components of a research proposal allows you to lay the ground work for your research project.

Include the following items for this assignment:

Problem statement or research problem for the research topic.

Purpose statement, or the importance of this study—about two paragraphs.

Research questions, or hypotheses—at least three.

The purpose of this assignment is to allow you to draft the preliminary details of a research proposal, and to think critically about how you will approach the remainder of a fire-related research report. It is important to be aware of valid and reliable research in order to prepare such a study as well as to effectively examine (i.e., read and interpret) available research as a student, as a professional, and as a consumer. Be sure to use your own words and include in-text citations and reference material in APA style as needed.

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