Risk Management Case

Risk Management Case
The Water for African Cities’ Programme places great emphasis on improving sanitation among the urban poor and enhancing the technical and managerial capacity of local utilities to absorb and manage increased levels of investments in the water and sanitation sector. It develops interventions to help utilities mitigate the effects of climate change through improved water conservation practices, energy audits, and the adoption of alternative sources of energy. By developing improved monitoring tools that link water and sanitation provision to urban planning, the programme facilitates better allocation of resources and more effective tracking of progress towards the attainment of the water and sanitation targets of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. (UN Habitat)
The (LVWATSAN) has been the main project undertaken under the Water for African Cities’ Programme. Lake Victoria is the second largest fresh water lake in the world and the largest lake in Africa. The Lake catchment provides the livelihood of about one third of the combined populations in the three countries or about 30 million people. (UN Habitat)
The City of Toronto has been asked by the principals of the Water for African Cities’ Programme to provide development and project management assistance with respect to the implementation of the LVWATSAN initiative. The overriding goal of the Initiative is to improve living conditions of the urban poor in the Lake Victoria Region and protect local and regional environments. In order to meet this goal, LVWATSAN aims to:
• Expedite pro-poor water and sanitation investments in secondary towns
• Enhance institutional and human resource capacities at local and regional levels
• Enhance capacities of local private sector entities in service delivery
• Reduce the adverse environmental impact of urbanization on local environment
• Support economic development in secondary towns through improved water and sanitation, and related income generating activities
• Support cooperation between the countries of the East African Region
Specific Objectives
• Promote water and sanitation investments in the secondary urban centres in the Lake Victoria Region
• Support development of institutional and human resource capacities at local and regional levels for the sustainable delivery of improved water and sanitation services
• Facilitate realization of upstream water sector reforms at the local level in the participating urban centres
• Reduce the environmental impact of urbanization in the Lake Victoria Basin.
A project charter was developed by stakeholders at the City of Toronto and you have been assigned as the project manager for this effort. You have been requested to assemble a team and start work on this project.
Identify 20 risks for the project and thoroughly document them in a Risk Register .
Risk Identification
Qualitative Rating
Risk Response
Risk ID
Risk Name
Risk Category
Risk Description
Risk Score
Risk Ranking
Risk Response
Risk Owner

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