Restorative Justice.

(Restoring Justice: An Introduction to Restorative Justice)



Please watch the following video clips to further explore the role of inclusion in Restorative Justice. Links to videos will be provide each week to help us investigate and understand the real world application of the concepts we are learning.

What is Social Inclusion?  [1:31]

Giving Victims a Voice – Restorative Justice  [3:35]

Victim Perspective on Restorative Justice Circle Process  [2:52]


Journal Response
This is an opportunity to process and apply both new and familiar concepts. Write a journal response discussing your thoughts on this week’s course material. Be sure to address the assigned video clips and readings. Did you strongly agree or disagree with any particular concepts or ideas? Did you find any aspects surprising? Were there any concepts that you plan to apply or implement to your life? Feel free to include any other thoughts or responses. Your journal response should be sufficient in length to fully address the question, double spaced, written at the college level, adhere to APA guidelines, and include a reference list. Any sources used must be cited properly using in-text citations and referenced at the end of the paper.”(peer review, safe guard, no plagiarism, need references and 350-400 words)

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