Response to Reading

DIRECTIONS: You will write a paper to respond to the readings. Include citations for at least 4 readings using APA format. In the 4 – 5 page, double spaced response, think about the readings for this class and how they compare/conAnect to your teaching and learning literacy experiences. Give specific experiences that are happening, have happened or that you would like to happen in your classroom and how they are tied to the readings. Provide your thoughts and feelings on these experiences. Be sure to write an introduction and conclusion to your paper. At the end of your paper, provide a reference page. CITATIONS: The directions in the syllabus for the response to readings states that you need to include citations for at least four readings. To clarify, you may cite one chapter in each of your texts if you wish. In addition, at least two or more readings in Canvas must be cited. IMPORTANT: The part of the paper that is to include your own teaching experiences may be a stretch for some of you if your placement does not involve specific English or language arts instruction. If this is the case, challenge yourself to see literacy connections in what you do with your students. Give this some thought and check with me if you have concerns .

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