Response consequences used in operant conditioning

paying close attention to the different types of response consequences used in operant conditioning. Then conduct your own research using at least one other source from the KU Online Library on the effects of positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, extinction, and aversive punishment, and response costs. Remember to cite your sources using APA style for in-text citations and on your reference page.

Summarize your findings and provide your own perspective on the use and effectiveness of these response consequences.

Part 2

Create a fictitious team, identifying the sport and age group. Then, acting as a coach, identify 3 target behaviors that you would want to reinforce. For each target behavior, identify 2 response consequences that you would implement to reinforce the desired behavior. (For example, if you have chosen punctuality at practice as a target behavior, a response might be that any team members who are late to practice will run 5 laps before joining the team.) Then explain why you believe your strategies would be effective.

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