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This is a weird type of request, or at least I think so. In my previous class I started a research proposal on how Cognitive Behavioral Training will improve ADHD symptoms. I did the abstract including my proposed hypothesis. I also completed the literature review section over three good resources that test Cognitive Behavioral Training. Now at I’m starting a Research Methods II class and I have to build the Methods, Results, and Discussion portion onto my already existing paper. Attached is what you’d consider the syllabus and what should be included in these sections that need to be added onto my already existing paper. Again the sections would be the Methods, Results, and Discussion sections. So all sections that would following the literature review section that I have already completed. Additionally, I have attached my paper from the previous class that you’d be building on. I really need someone that will take the time to read what I have already built to ensure they properly build on to this. I know this is a lot of explaining. Please feel free to message me and ask for any type of clarification before making an offer. I would definitely be relying heavily on someone who has experience doing this. As always, you all are the best and thank you.

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