Research paper: Energy.

Exploratory research paper about Wind power vs. Crude Oil

The essay is six pages long, not including the works cited (i.e. 1,800 words); need 5 sources. The introduction grabs the reader’s interest, provides enough context to tell the reader what he or she will be reading about, and frames a clear thesis that answers the primary research question. The essay contains in-text references to at least three credible sources. All research is integrated appropriately as evidence for your claims. All references adhere to MLA standards for in-text citation. The essay is organized coherently with a natural progression that helps to reinforce the thesis. Sub-headings are acceptable. The essay describes multiple stakeholders, their points of view, and deals with opposing viewpoints respectfully and effectively. I have an outline to follow in order to write this essay which will be provided in chat.

this is the outline

  • Introduction: Here you will give me the subject, topic, and thesis of your essay. What kind of discussion are you getting involved in with this paper? What is at stake here?
  • Outline of Opposing Side: In this section of your paper, you will respectfully outline the major points of the article that embodies the opposing side of the argument. This is more than a simple summary; consider the implications this author is positing and do the kind of textual analysis that we need to fully understand their point.
  • Supporting Research: After outlining your opponent’s argument, you will cite your own research on the issue. This section should be a harmonious blend of evidence, textual analysis, and contextual analysis; we should come away not only understand the relevance and importance of your research, we need to see it as a compelling and convincing argument against the opposing side’s arguments.
  • Personal Stake: This is the part of the paper where I want to hear your own arguments in the issue. Your argument(s) need to be supported by and based on your personal stake in the matter. Give the issue a personal face; take it down to the individual level to help us understand what something grand and ideological like the erasure of coal mines would look like in a family dependent upon coal mining for financial stability.

Conclusion: As you bring your argument to a conclusion, you have several strategies to consider. Here are a few; see if you want to adapt any one of them, or if you can think of another approach: (1) Recap your thesis statement and summarize argument briefly to answer any reader who may be thinking “So what?” (2) Pose a question for further discussion to help your reader extend your ideas. (3) Call readers to act; challenge them to apply your writing to their own lives. (4) Make a prediction about what may happen if the issue you’ve just addressed is ignored. (5) Give a final scenario; if you used a story to frame your introduction, see if you want to return to that story at the end.


You have to choose a side to argue for and it’s fine choose any side

However, for the personal stake paragraph, I’m doing Petroleum & Natural Gas Engineering so you can talk about how this would affect me and other stuff sorry I have no idea.

There’s a specific thesis statement that you have to type which is

While others believe …………………, I believe……………………. because (1)………………………., (2)…………………………, and (3)……………………………………..

Thank you for helping me!!! I really appreciate it.

It’s in MLA

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