Research and Therapeutics: Practice Potential Differences

The Ethical codes of conduct are in place to ensure professionals are aware of the guidelines regarding a patient’s safety and privacy. It’s considered a guide for psychologists to follow toward successful psychology ideals (APA, 2017). The rules are enforceable for all psychologists for their benefit and the benefits of their clients. Psychologists require a higher standard, and they handle sensitive information and patients. The ethical codes apply to psychologists and their activities, which could be clinical or educational. A psychologist must be professional regardless of the level of work and whether it is research-based or counseling-based. A successful psychologist will benefit from following ethical codes.
The research will require approval from the institutions before a study can begin. The psychologist must also protect the participant’s consequences if they decide to withdraw from the study for various reasons (APA, 2017). Psychologists aren’t allowed to use specific amounts of money to persuade clients to participate in a study. The use of deception isn’t permitted unless it’s apart of the study to find an outcome. There are numerous differences between research and therapeutic counseling regarding ethical codes.
Therapeutic counseling will deal with family members and must establish roles for all parties involved. There may be service provided to spouses or those that serve others. It’s not study based; it’s more of a person based. Therapy is geared toward helping the person rather than weighing variables for each person involved in a study. There are more induvial interactions, and that brings the possibility of personal relationships. A psychologist must reframe from becoming personal with their clients. The probability of sexual relationships with relatives of patients is why psychologists must reframe from making personal relationships. There are differences between, but there are two that stand out to me. Research is an institution based and needs approval from the institution. Therapy may have more induvial interactions and can bring personal relationships. Treatment may require payment from the client, and research may require the institution to compensate the client.
My future career will guide me toward working with athletes and sports teams. There may be third parties involved at times, depending on the level. A sports psychologist could work on different levels, and that will determine the type of third-party involvement. The team could require the player to seek help before he can return to play. The player may seek himself and not want the team to be informed. Respecting a player’s confidentiality will be essential to my profession of choice. Understanding section 10.1 will be crucial to working with a professional or college organization as a sports psychologist. A player could disclose an injury, and that damage could cost him/her millions of dollars. Failure to abide by the code of confidentiality could cost a player his/her career. Explaining the limits of privacy and the limits of third parties will help guide the player and organization.

Ethical Requirement

Code 8.10 applies specifically to psychological research because the date reported must be accurate (APA, 2017. Ethical principles always expect a psychologist to report correct information. Without proper information provided at the end of the study, the entire study can be considered fabricated. One wrong data entry and research as a whole can be affected. A researcher must make sure all information is entered correctly throughout the process. They are expected to give exact information throughout the study, and the results are what the study findings are based on. The information must be corrected immediately if a mistake is found. Publishing incorrect information can be detrimental to a career, the study and possibly the clients.


American Psychological Association. (2017). Ethical principles of psychologists and code of conduct: Including 2010 and 2016 amendments. Retrieved from (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)

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