Research and report on ways to improve the business processes

Case Study

Eljay is a large online education provider (school) consisting of administration, teaching and corporate services teams. Students of often email the school with questions about learning and teaching materials, assessments, and IT-related problems that require the school to process and solve the problem. These student queries are managed based on their type (teaching, assessment, IT), priority and status. The three levels of priority identified by the school include: “important”, “normal” and “less important”. The status of a student query (e.g. job) includes: “Open”, “In Process”, “Re Process”, “Solved”, “Closed”. Queries are logged in a job management system (excel spreadsheet saved on a SharePoint site), which enables the school to manage the details of the life cycle of the query from start to finish. In addition to recording student details, this system records the job code, description, type, priority, and status of the job as it progresses through each team. The current business process begins when a student emails the school with a query. Employees within the administration team, who have less content-related knowledge, manually load each student query into the job management system. When this job is created, it is assigned an “Open” status by the administration team. Every query that employees from this team enter into the job management system is given a job code which is used to uniquely identify the student query. Once this code has been created in the system, an email is sent to the student with the job code (e.g. the reference number for the query). The student must mention this job code every time an inquiry about the status of the query is made. Any queries that are easily resolved (e.g. those that involve common problems) are assigned to employees within the administration team who work directly with the student to resolve the query. If an employee from this team is unable to resolve a student’s query, the job status is changed to “In Process” and the query is forwarded to the teaching team who have extensive content-related knowledge. When a manager from the teaching team has the time to review the queries assigned to the team, they update the priority level of the job. The manager will then assign each job to an employee depending on the priority and existing workload of employees in the team. Once a teacher has been assigned to a job, the query is investigated, and a solution is developed and emailed to the administration team. An employee from the administration team changes the status of the job to “Solved” and emails the solution to the student. A request to verify that the query has been correctly resolved is included in the email. If the student’s reply to this request informs the administration team that the query has been successfully resolved, the job status is changed to “Closed” and the job is complete. If the student emails to notify the administration team that the query has not been resolved, the status of the job is changed to “Re Process” and the query is emailed back to the teaching team. The teaching team then goes through the process all over again. If employees from either the administration or teaching team are unable to provide the student with a solution (e.g. for an IT-related query), the corporate services team is called upon to finish the job. The corporate services team work directly with the student to resolve the query. When the student’s query is resolved, the corporate services team notify the teaching team, who update the status of the job to “Solved”. An employee from the administration team, emails the student to inform them that a solution has been reached and the job is set to “Closed”. The school would like to reduce costs by removing inefficient and ineffective processes while at the same time improving student response times.

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Required a

Draw a business process map outlining existing processes for managing student queries Identify (include swimlanes in your diagram).

b.Identify strengths and weaknesses in the existing system for managing student queries

. c.Research and report on ways to improve the business processes. As you address the weakness, consider how IT can transform the processes of the organization (include references to support your suggestions).

d.Draw a new business process model that outlines your suggested improvements.

e.Include in the Appendix of your report, minutes of meetings held between group members (Include a list of actionable tasks, team members responsible for those tasks, deadlines, and progress towards completing tasks)

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