Real Life Queuing System

NOTE: This is an individual essay assignment. To receive any credit, your essay and analysis must be your own.

For this extra credit assignment, you will need to write a 300-500 word essay about a real-life queuing system. It will require you to observe the queuing system and make several specific assessments of it. You will also have to offer recommendations for improvement. It should be a physical queue that you can observe (e.g. not a call center). It could be a restaurant, an auto repair shop, a customer service counter, or any such environment where customers or items arrive randomly and are handled by one or more servers in the order they arrive.It cannot be the same place that your team is analyzing for the course project.

Your essay must clearly address the following points:

1. Explain the queuing system. What are the customers/items being handled? What are the servers?

2. Explain the queuing model that should be applied to it. How many servers are there? What are the approximate arrival & service rates? (You do not need to determine exact arrival and service rates; estimates based on a modest sample are fine.)

3. Provide relevant queuing metrics. For instance, for how long does the queuing model predict that the average customer/item will have to wait? What level of server utilization does the model predict?

4. What changes could be made to improve customers’ experiences? Be specific.

The organization I selected is a Starbucks are located next to a Giant at Bethesda, Maryland.

And you can make up the data based on you past experience at Starbuscks.


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