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Reaction papers should engage with all of the assigned readings from a given module. Simply repeating the main ideas of what you read will not earn you a high grade. It is important to thoughtfully engage with the readings, which may entail any of the following types of responses: Agree or Disagree: I agree/disagree with the argument of author A because X, Y, and Z (this can be based on the theory, methods, or broader conclusions authors draw, but it must be based in fact/research-unsubstantiated opinions will not earn a high grade). Comparison: I find the theory from reading A stronger than the theory from reading B because X, Y, and Z. Reaction: The conclusions from reading A really surprised me/concerned me/etc. because X, Y, and Z. Policy prescription: The conclusions from reading A would be helpful in deciding what to do about current/historical conflict B because X, Y, and Z. Reaction papers are meant to be scholarly discussions, so students must provide original arguments backed up by fact-based sources in support of their opinions to earn a good grade. This means defending opinions with supporting information from reliable websites, academic books, and peer-reviewed journal articles. Students should present new observations whenever they can, instead of repeating what everyone else is saying. Reaction papers are due on the date listed next to the chosen module on the syllabus. You can turn these in under the “assignments” tab on ELMS. I advise you to write reaction papers on the modules that interest you most, and not wait until the end of the course to complete them, when you will also be completing the Op-Ed assignment and preparing for the final test. READINGS: Kydd & Walter: Strategies of Terrorism Abrahms: What Terrorists Really Want: Terrorist Motives and Counter Terrorist StrategiesAbrahms_What Terrorists Really Want-4(1) Kydd_strategies_of_terrorism(1) Abrahms_What Terrorists Really Want-4 Kydd_strategies_of_terrorism

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