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Answer the following two questions in essay form. You are required to answer both questions. In your answer, you are expected to use the assigned readings, film, videos, and lectures from week 1 to 9. The length of each essay is 3-4 pages, 1000 words. Use APA format, Times Roman, Font 12, Double Spaced, and Word Count. (TWO essays) The Word document essay should be saved/uploaded in two separate documents under your full name and course number. * ONLY USE COURSE READING SOURCES, NO OUTSIDE SOURCES ALLOWED * 1. Sylvia Walby et al., Catherine MacKinnon, Bandana Purkayastha, and Pierre Orelus have illustrated Intersectionality in a number of ways. Compare and contrast the four readings by identifying the similarities and differences in the authors’ diverse viewpoints and approaches. 2. Inequality is manifested in many areas, such as education, work (paid and unpaid), and health at the local, national, and global levels. Critically analyze aspects of inequality while demonstrating how inequality is embedded in multidimensional forms as organizing principles of the society in these sectors.

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