Questioning the existence of corporations

Some Corporation can undoubtedly bring benefit to Society. Society,
however, is questioning the existence of corporations, especially in the
wake of the scandals and scams conducted by companies like ENRON,
GUINESS, Coca Cola, Intel, General Motors, WorldCom and many others.
In response to it, the organizations around the globe are forced to wake up
to the need for being committed towards Corporate Social Responsibility
(CSR). So is this what it is? Is it just a mean satisfying an end? Based on
the material presented in the first three topics, answer the following
You may start your analysis with a discussion about the importance of
business ethics, its philosophies and practices. You are expected to
demonstrate an analytical knowledge and critical understanding of
different ethical perspectives, including ethical business objectives. In
doing so, you may refer to a number of ethical issues, including equality at
the workplace, racial and sexual harassment, corporate sustainability,
corporate governance, corporate citizenship, environmental sustainability
and globalization. In your analysis, you may also include thoughts about
the implications of business ethics in different contexts around the world.
 Word limit: 3000
 This is an individual assignment
 Ground your answer in relevant theory
 Plagiarism and reproduction of someone else’s work as your own will bepenalized
 Make use of references, where appropriate – USE THE HARVARD REFERENCING SYSTEM
 Structural elements should include an introduction, main body, and a conclusion
 WHEIGHT – 50% towards the final grade
 Passing grade: 60


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