Pyruvate Kinase and how environmental factors affect its metabolic activity Assignment | Online Assignment


Research paper MUST beat least 7 pages. 5 full double spaced body pages and a title page and literature cited page. APA style. 1″ margins with 11 or 12 Times New Roman font. AT LEAST 3 Primary literature sources. Non-primary literature sources can be science journals, university libraries, science magazines, etc. Do NOT use direct quotes, even if they are cited. This is plagiarism in science. The rubric says we can choose a topic but this is incorrect. The topic has to be on enzymes and how environmental factors (temperature, pH, concentration) can affect enzyme activity. I chose the enzyme pyruvate kinase because I am a kinesiology major and the pyruvate kinase enzyme plays a vital role in exercise and metabolism. I’d like the paper to explain what pyruvate kinase is, its shape/function, and how environmental factors affect its metabolic activity.Research Paper Rubric-Summer 2020

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