Public speaking discussion post questions

How do you think what you have learned during this course can benefit you in your studies, career, civic, and personal activities? How will you combine it with something you learned outside of this class?

What do you think could have been done better with the course and what did you like the most about the course?

Initial posts must be 250+ words, using correct grammar and spellcheck,for a substantive postis to bring something new to the conversation. Read the forum prompt and fully answer it, demonstrate understanding of the lesson/content, include evidence from firsthand experience, reference to the course materials, and apply what you’re discussing to work, life, and reality.

For Peer replies, respond substantively to at least TWO of your classmates for full credit, with 100+ words each post. This helps build a friendly and collegial environment in our class, and its part of your forum grade. Substantively answering questions that the instructor (me!) asks during that week’s discussion DO count toward your participation points. Making substantive posts will make the discussion more interesting and educational for everyone. Please let me know if you have any questions.

peer reply 1


Hello Class,

It is the final forum for this course and time to discuss what we have learned from this course. There are many things that I am able to take away from this course that I can apply to my current career. For instance, as a police officer I speak in front of the public on a daily basis and due to the fact that I am also a D.A.R.E. instructor I am required to give several presentations throughout the year. I have learned how to become a more effective speaker from this course and how to prepare an outline that really helps out a lot when it comes to preparing for a speech or presentation.

I feel like this course has fine tuned my public speaking skills and has given me tools to help better prepare instead of “winging it.” Basically, I intend to combine these skills I have learned from the course with my knowledge of D.A.R.E. to provide my audience with a more interesting presentation that will also allow me to present the information is a more methodical and effective way. I also think that this course would help me out when it comes to training new officers and to teach in a way that strays from the typical power point presentations. Between the new skills I have learned with this course and my knowledge of the topics I will discuss I feel confident that I will be an effective speaker to my audience. This course was very challenging at times, but also rewarding and a great course to prepare for the future.

peer reply 2


Hello class and professor,

What I’ve learned during this course will help me give better briefings and presentations at work. Preparing having an outline will help me stay organized and focused on the purpose of my speech. It will keep me from talking without direction or talking about something irrelevant. I like how the outlines that we’ve been using through the course make you repeat or rephrase your purpose and supporting points 3 times making sure your audience really understands the purpose of your speech. A few things I’ve learned that I’ll be using outside of class in my own presentations is to minimize my um… and uh… and to be ok with some silence in my speeches. I will also look more at my audience and not look to the top of their heads. I know tend to mumble and sound monotone so I will try to stand up straight and speak loud enough so that the person furthest away from can still hear me.

Something that could’ve been done better is to clarify if practicing in front of the mirror is beneficial or not. According to the Public Speaking Project chapter 11 it says not to practice your speech in front of a mirror but on Week 6 Launch Lesson it tells us to practice in front of mirror.

I really like the first couple of chapters on the Public Speaking Project, it taught me that communicating effectively takes work and any one can do it. The history of public speaking was also very interesting, I never thought public speaking as an art and that’s how people would advertise or persuade each other a long time ago. They didn’t have TV with commercials or billboard with bright colors and pictures.

It was also nice to read that if I improve my communication skills it will benefit my personal and professional life. I never thought it would make a big difference. I’ve always thought if I work hard, physically, it would be enough. Now I can see if I don’t interview well it could cost me a job or job promotion.


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