Steve is a conscientious and hardworking student with a good attitude. He is a good student but was not in honors classes in the 10th grade. However, because of his excellent work in world history, he has been placed in A.P. American history for the 11th grade. He is filled with uncertainty as he anticipates the first class. Mrs. Marbles is standing at the door of the room the first day and asks the students their names as they come in. after Steve introduces himself, Mrs. Marbles smiles broadly and says, “Oh, Steve, I’m very happy to have you in here. Mr. Grants told me about your excellent work last year.”

Steve felt a big sense of relief. Maybe the year would be Ok after all. Each morning Mrs. Marbles greeted Steve with the same positive manner as he came into class. Now when Steve walks into American history class, he is quite at ease as he anticipates the class.

Consider this is a case of classical conditioning.
Of the following, the best description of the unconditioned response would be:
A.  Uncertainty about American history
B.   Relief
C.   Good work habits
D.  Being at ease
E.   Anticipating class

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