Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) ELISA Report

A lab report with only a Results & Discussion section based on the ELISA & LJ Data for group D (find the data in the attached excel file & info slides). Please find the specifics for each section below. RESULTS – Must Include Written Component Using the data provided, quantify the PSA concentrations in each of the serial samples from the patient based on the standard curve Using the data provided, create a Levey-Jennings chart and assess the quality of the ELISA which tested the patient samples Figures and Figure Legends Figure of the ELISA data is presented in a multi-panel figure: A graph of the 4-point standard curve – include SD values A graph of the unknown serial samples – include SD values Figure of the Levey-Jennings chart – concentration of quality control sample over 25 runs (data provided) Appropriately interpolated patient samples from standard curve Format of graph: axis labels, values, correct units, SD bars, line of best fit for ELISA standard curve, thresholds & control limits on Levey-Jennings chart Figure number and titles, Description of findings/schematic in figure Explains symbols, abbreviations, statistics used Discussion Criteria Evaluate the effectiveness of the radiation treatment for this particular patient based on the PSA levels in the serial samples Interpret and discuss the Levey-Jennings chart and the Westgard rules to assess how the quality control run impacts the interpretation of the experimental run of the patients samples If needed, propose further steps that may be required to assess the effectiveness of the treatment and patient’s current disease state

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