Program Planning in Diverse Cultural .

Cultural And Ethnic Contexts 3 pages

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Use this week’s readings to assist in completion of the written assignment. Imagine that you have been contracted to modify an existing program to assist new mothers return to the work force in a culturally and ethnically diverse metropolitan city in the United States. The existing program does not encompass specific needs of diverse cultures or ethnicities within the community. For example, the program does not incorporate the cultural beliefs related to paternalism, gender stereotypes, or child rearing practices as they relate to diverse cultures. This program would be in need of modification. In a 3- page paper, discuss how you would go about modifying this program to make it more culturally appropriate for a racial or ethnic minority group of your choosing.


The assignment discusses the importance of culture considerations accurately and thoroughly.
The assignment presents a method for assessing the needs of culturally diverse consumers.
The assignment provides appropriate modifications specific to the needs of a culturally diverse population.
The assignment is 3 pages in length.
Sources are credible (preferably peer-reviewed), varied, relevant, and current (published within past five years); use of seminal work (e.g. Freud) is encouraged.
Sources inform analysis, evaluation, problem-solving and decision-making.

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  • Chapter 6: Program Planning in Diverse Cultural Contexts
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