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You should begin writing your paper only AFTER you have watched a recorded performance from Mike Birbiglia: The New One (2019, Broadway) PLEASE REVIEW FILE OF “How to Write Prod Response” as the instructions of this paper RUBRIC: Structure: An organized, easy to read paper. Ideas are separated out neatly into separate paragraphs, each with a clear and descriptive topic sentence. A strong thesis with clearly articulated evidence. Introduction contains all the pertinent info, with the thesis placed at the end. No new information in the conclusion. A “professional” looking paper. Form: Minimal to no errors. The style of writing is sophisticated and college-level. Ideas are vividly described. Only a minimal amount of plot descriptions are made, leaving the bulk of the paper to evidence supporting the thesis. Content: Student understands how to form opinions about a performance that he/she has seen, and how to evaluate the quality of a production. Student demonstrates an ability to base his/her opinion off of evidence from within the show, and how to express that argument in writingHow to Write Prod Response PR Rubric 75 pts_rev2018

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