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Use 12 point Times New Roman font with 1.5 line spacing. This assignment carries 50 % marks. Please kindly refer to the Instructions and questions from the uploaded file. I have attached the RUBRIC as the marking scheme is based on the rubric. I will also upload additional information (slides/notes) to help in the assignment. The design document must include the following criteria : a) The required instructional environment to achieve the objectives of the Malaysia Education Blueprint focusing on aspects related to teaching and learning. ( You are to provide evidence from supporting documents and other literature) b) Description and elaboration on the context of the general characteristics of teachers and learners who will be exposed to the instructional environment that you have designed. Corroborate your description with data from INTERVIEWS AND / OR SURVEYS. c) A suitable instructional goal of the task for the teachers and learners to follow within your context. Based on this instructional goal, you will need to do the following: i. a goal analysis to demonstrate the kinds of learning required to achieve this National Philosophy of Education. ii. the performance objectives for achieving the goal. d) The most relevant performance objectives related to the goal from section (c) above. Based on this performance objective to achieve your goal, you will need to design the following: i. relevant assessment methods ii. instructional strategies Give your rationale for the choice of the assessment and instructional strategies you have designed. Assignment Format: a. The assignment should contain about 20-21 pages). b. Provide reference using the American Psychological Association (APA) format. c. References should be latest (year 2010 onwards). d. Kindly include the page number and content. Notes: · Plagiarism is not acceptable.

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I am from Malaysia and the assignment must be in line with the Malaysian Education System. The Malaysian Education Blueprint 2013-2025 outlines the role of ICT in teaching and learning.(Instructional Design)(1)

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