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POWERPOINT PRESENTATION Select a children’s book. Create a PowerPoint Presentation for the book you selected. Please include the following components in your PowerPoint: Introductory Slide Title Author Publication Date Tell why this book is good for children. Is your book a picture book? (Y/N) Does your book represent a diverse perspective? Why or why not? List any awards your book has received. What genre is your book? Please explain. Describe and discuss the illustrations in the book. Be specific. Give a brief plot outline of main events in the book (fiction). Give ten facts you learned from the book (non-fiction). List the main character(s) and description. Describe the setting. Discuss the literary elements found in the book. Discuss your favorite part of the book with an explanation of why it is your favorite part. Create a book review paragraph complete with 1-5 star ratings and why. You may include 3-5 free slides of your choice. Please provide appropriate citations and a citation page. ** Please organize your slides according to the bullets listed above**

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