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I want a paper on the uploaded poster please , use only the sources that is in the poster POSTER NOTES INSTRUCTIONS:: For the poster notes, include the following in a word document (overall word count ~750 words). Title & group members Client – explain your client. For example, Emergency Department in Memorial Care Medical Center which has a staff of 20 RNs, 25 CNAs, 5 Physicians, 25 administrators and others. Explain what this department does as it relates to your proposed project. (~ 50 words) Explain your target audience. For example, the target audience would be the staff of ED above (assuming that you are doing a stress relief program for the staff). – (~25 words) Social Determinants of the Problem – Explain in ~100 words. Do not just list them, explain in sentences how those determinants cause the problem. Explain the actual strategy including a theoretical framework and timeline. This section should be the most detailed. ~500 words Expected Outcomes and Challenges of your strategy. Explain in ~100 words References – include references (5-10) to outside sourcesposter(1)

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