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Williams (2016) defines population focused practice as one that defines and implements solutions to address the needs of aggregates or populations who share a common characteristic. This differs from practice that focuses on individuals. Consider your practice environment and the types of individuals or families for which you provide care. (This is for your info- do not add this to the writing)- NO HEADINGS, TITLE PAGE. Reference page only. Just write freely with the important info listened below: Paragraph 1: Please describe a population or aggregate in your practice. Home health patients with psychiatric disorders who are poor living in rural communities. ( I am a RN case manager and I see mentally ill poor patients in their homes to provide care, administer meds, etc to decrease hospitalization rates which is very expensive. ) Please see attached articles for references to write and answer a scholarly response. Write in 1st person using APA formatting. If you find any other supportive references, must be no older than 5 years. Paragraph 2: What characteristics does this population share? Paragraph 3: What indicators might you use to describe that population’s health? Why would you use such indicators?A day in he life of a HH psych RN Depression_in_Home_Based_Care__The_Role_of_the3 Home health M1 Article 1 Ensuring_Access_to_Quality_Health_Care_in13 Psych HH article

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