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Write a 10 pages paper on the topic of your interest pertaining to this class. Paper sources MUST have at least 5 PEER REVIEWED JOURNAL ARTICLES. Final paper should be argumentative paper on any topic that interest you in “American Government” Examples of paper topic: Second Amendment Right; Why Congress is polarized; American Presidency is Becoming Imperial; Roe V. Wade Sources: I WILL NOT accept any sources for the paper other that peer reviewed journal articles. Peer reviewed journal articles can be obtained through JSTOR or other School library journal articles search engine. When searching please select “Peer reviewed.” At the end of the 10 page paper you must have a page of sources listing clearly the minimum 5 journal peer reviewed articles. What is a peer reviewed article?: https://guides.lib.jjay.cuny.edu/c.php?g=288333&p=1922599 If you are not able to find peer reviewed journal articles in the topic of your paper then change your topic.

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