Political Economy of Developing countries.

Political Economy of Developing countries

The Position Paper (Known as a “White Paper”

What is a White Paper? White papers are reports written to argue a specific position or propose a solution to a problem. Students will present a solution to a problem facing a developing country or countries.

1) The Introduction. What is the problem currently facing the country? How does the writer propose to solve it? (Brief overview)

2) The Background. What are the events or issues that the country has faced that have had an impact on this aspect of its development? Are their legacies of colonialism? Structural economic disparities? Ethnic strife? Etc.

3) The Solution. How can this problem be solved? What recommendations do you make? How is the country actually addressing this? Be sure to justify your assertions with facts. Provide evidence from reliable/credible sources that this approach is viable. The paper must cite all of its sources correctly, according to MLA, APA or Chicago style.

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