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The second design aspiration of the New American University is to graduate students ready to transform society read

read :

This may be through future careers, or pursuing additional educational or research opportunities after graduation. In planning for employment or graduate school, undergraduates should begin to take steps now to build a resume that includes skills and experience which will separate their application from many others. One of the most significant ways to make your resume stand out is demonstrate to future employers you have already acquired leadership skills and real-world experience in their field of interest.

In the Chronicle of Higher Education’s December 5th, 2010, article, read :

..will need to be equipped to make their own opportunities. They need the skills, knowledge, and qualities that leadership programs cultivate: self-reliance, social and cultural capital, appreciation for lifelong learning, creativity, conflict-resolution and team-building skills, ethics, understanding of economics, and more. Leadership programs recognize that the career ladder of old is broken.

According to Greenwald, “Leadership programs teach important life skills, such as introspection, cultural sensitivity, moral acuity, people skills, and decision-making acumen.” Employers seek these skills in job applicants.

Kouzes and Posner identif

Model the way – Leaders set standards and expectations regarding goals and how people should be treated. They model these expectations by example.
Inspire a shared vision – Leaders believe passionately in what they are doing and inspire others with their passion.
Challenge the process – Leaders look for innovative ways to change the status quo.
Enable others to act – Leaders encourage collaboration and empower others to act.
Encourage the heart – Leaders recognize and celebrate the contributions of others.

Arizona State and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences provides a variety of leadership opportunities and work experience on campus and within the community, including undergraduate internships.

The Assignment

write a post about your strategies do you plan to employ to gain leadership skills and/or work experience to begin building your resume? Discuss which activities you found that appealed to you the most and explain how you feel they will help prepare you for the future. Outline the steps necessary to achieve your goals.

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