Phases of disaster management

We have discussion board this week about phases of emergency management, please Use APA style to answer three quesions:

1. give a brief description.

2. Give a few examples of pertinent activities

3. Discuss the “variability” about the actual number of phases (the term “phases” has changed and become “missions” of emergency management, they were four and now become five)


the professor question with his own words:

Review the phases of disaster management and give a brief description (with a few examples of pertinent activities) of each. Discuss the “variability” about the actual number of phases discussed in the literature. What I mean by that is there are authors who believe that there are five phases (see the URL from Bexar City,Texas), and others who consolidate down to four phases.

Remember to include a properly formatted reference in APA style in addition to the required course readings for all discussion board questions.


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