Pan-African Organizations and Movements

: Basically, a literature review is a series of summaries, critiques, and comparisons of available scholarly writings on a particular topic. For example, if you decide to study African religions across the Diaspora, you would find as many sources as you could on the topic, read them, summarizes them, and critique them from what you know of the topic as well as the evidence cited. Finally, you would compare what each scholar has written on African religions asking questions such as: -Do the authors typically agree on main points of the topic or are there significant differences of opinion? -Did the authors use many of the same sources? -How did each find their evidence, what was their research method? -Which scholar do you feel handled the topic the best and which one the worst? *You must use at least 10 ten sources but your main reviews must be in at least six. C. Your paper must include: -In-text citations (APA style) -Work-cited page (APA style) -Title page D. Sources allowed to be used: -Scholarly articles from peer-reviewed journals -Books -Primary source documents (on-line or in print) such as: constitutions, treaties, economic agreements, etc. E. Sources not allowed to be used: YouTube Wikipedia Any website that is not an academic journal, newspaper, or primary source document Basically, read each article and take all of the perspectives and write an analysis that elaborates on the information that is presented in the article, and whether they differ in opinion or just add more information. You may add your own sources if you would like. Please include a reference page or a list of the sources that were used. Thank you. Please let me know if you have any questions/concerns.

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