osmium metal review

To give you the opportunity to explore the amazing breadth of inorganic chemistry extending far beyond the confines of this course and apply your newly obtained knowledge you will write a short paper (approximately 2-3 pages) exploring an application (catalysis, biochemistry, medicinal chemistry, solid state….) of a randomly assigned transition metal based on a recent article in the professional chemical literature. This will be your chance to show off your newly acquired knowledge, as your paper will focus on the transition metal and discuss the application in the context of the fundamentals of inorganic chemistry covered this semester. This should be a fun experience, allowing you to explore inorganic chemistry in a direction of personal interest. The random assigned metal is Os (Osmium). Use Oxidation of olefins catalyzed by half-sandwich osmium(II) arene complexes by Joel M. Gichumbi, Bernard Omondi, Holger B. Friedric as the main article to do the critical summary of the article. It is expected that you will need to bring in other references (2-5) to support your discussion, provide background and related results. I have attached 1 other reference that can be used.

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