organizational theories, concepts, and perspectives

This paper will require you to apply organizational theories, concepts, and perspectives from the module readings to your approved organization from Module/Week 1. Guidelines Define your approved organization as you wish in terms of the whole or of the part that is most relevant. In 2-3 pages, provide a description of two to three problems identified. Your description need not be elaborate, but should provide enough information to enable someone unfamiliar with the organizational issues to understand the essentials. This portion should be just the facts, a description, not an analysis of the key events. If using a personal workplace, feel free to disguise names of people and the organization if you desire. After you have set the foundation, apply theories learned from the course to analyze your chosen organization and its identified problems. Utilizing the three perspectives, ensure clarity is evident on areas of which system, organizational environment, and changes as part of your analysis. Lastly, provide a personal perspective that discusses what you would implement to address the problems to move the organization forward as part of the evolving changes for organizations today. Organizing Your Paper The following is required for your completed research paper: · The paper must be written using current APA format and must include a title page, an abstract, and a reference list. These are not included in the word count. · The paper must have a minimum of 2,700 words and a maximum of 3,000 words. · The paper must be submitted as a Word document (.doc), it will be checked in SafeAssign upon submission. · First person narrative is not permitted. · Do not use bullets or listing anywhere in the paper. · The reference page must include a minimum of the following references in current APA format (all sources must be evident within the paper): · Course textbook · Scripture and Merida text · 10 peer-reviewed scholarly sources Note: For further questions regarding current APA format, visit Liberty University’s Online Writing Center. Abstract (10 points)—–The abstract articulates a clear and comprehensive overview of the paper. Identification of Issues (40 points)—-Presents articulate and detailed descriptions of the problems and issues central to the organization. Provides a well-focused diagnosis of strategic issues and key problems that demonstrate an excellent grasp of the situation and challenges; descriptions are compelling and insightful; provides a thorough and effective summary. Analysis and Evaluation (50 points)—- Presents a balanced, in-depth, and critical assessment of the facts in light of relevant empirical and theoretical research; develops insightful and well-supported conclusions using reasoned, sound, and informed judgments. Application to theories and organizational analysis of issues from the course concepts is well evidenced. Personal Perspective/Solutions (60 points)—-Effectively weighs and assesses a variety of alternative actions that address the multiple issues central to the organization; proposes detailed plans of action; action plans are realistic and contain thorough and well-reasoned justifications. Various theories are well applied. Organization (10 points)—–Very well organized. The narrative has clarity and includes strong, clear and varied transitions linking sub-topics and main topic. The narrative flows well throughout. APA Format (Cover page, references, margins, citations, pagination, headings, headers, abstract, etc.) (23 points)——Proper, current APA format (7thEdition)is used. Grammar and Spelling (22 points)——Proper spelling and grammar are used. Length (15 points)—— The submission is 2,700-3,000 words. Sources (20 points)——-The paper met or exceeded the required minimum amount of sources (the course textbook, the Bible, the Merida textbook, and 10 peer-reviewed scholarly sources).

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