Organizational behavior group presentation

Please review the instructions and files very carefully….I am willing to pay a sizeable bonus on this….you cannot bs this project you have to work with me as they will likely be a couple of revisions….if you have no time to work on this please don’t bid This is only for serious Ivy league types….if you take yourself seriously let’s get to work.. See instructions below and review attached files Its approach to using groups/teams (Kinicki & Fugate, 2018 Chapter 8) at the individual, group/team and organizational level Each member of the group will find an OB focused article from a credible news, business, or academic journal or an OB related chapter from a book regarding the company and the topic chosen by the group (If there is no article about this company and topic, then to find an OB focused article about the company). Each member will write a half-page abstract (Overview/Summary) of the article/chapter that is incorporated into the paper and includes: i. The full name of the team member who wrote the abstract ii. The name the article’s author iii. The title of the article OR book and the chapter heading iv. The date of publication (No source can be used with a publication date prior to September 2017) v. The reference section at the end of the paper must include a full and accurate citation for each student’s selected article further guide: Hi guys, I’ve been doing some research around our team project and want to circle back with some updates: QUESTION 1: YES OR NO COMPANY: I know that we talked about picking AMAZON. Here’s the thing, I think it will be easier to do ZAPPOS since we read about it in the book and found a lot of OB focused articles so I think we should go with ZAPPOS. QUESTION 2: TWO, FOUR OR FIVE We will need to pick one of the following topics as the focus of our analysis and the focus of our four SEPERATE ARTICLES ———- NOTE THAT ALEX AND I CONNECTED OVER ON SUNDAY AND DECIDED TO NARROW DOWN THE OPTIONS BELOW FOR THE GROUP. 1. Its approach to motivating employees (Kinicki & Fugate, 2018 Chapter 5) at the individual, group/team, and organizational level 4. Its approach to using groups/teams (Kinicki & Fugate, 2018 Chapter 8) at the individual, group/team and organizational level 5. It approach to decision-making and creativity (Kinicki & Fugate, 2018 Chapter 11) at the individual, group/team and organizational level WE WILL NEED TO COMPLETE THE ABOVE BEFORE MOVING TO C Please review the assignment again to make sure that I didn’t miss anything and adhere to the insctuctions outlined by the professor (I.e using credible sources to pack up your articles etc)

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