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After reading the case, this week’s assigned chapters 14 and 16, and reviewing Team 6’s Mahara page (The screenshots), please answer one of the following questions in a 2 page single-spaced post with evidence based research: Chapter 16 discusses a study conducted by GLOBE on regional clusters. The study notes that Russia is less likely to be achievement driven, and more likely to stress the importance of rules and laws to maintain order. Tannis experiences similar challenges in her dealings with the CPA manager for Russia, Pete Vujevic. Explain the specific challenges and actions undertaken by Tannis to navigate these cultural gaps in order to develop a relationship with her Russian counterparts. Sophia Tannis is in a conflicting situation where she must make the decision to do business dealings the North American way as suggested by her boss, or to adapt to the local way in Russia as recommended by Pete Vujevic. Describe the decision that Tannis makes and how it relates to the leadership process discussed in chapter 14 and The Hill Model for Leadership.

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