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Additive chosen: XYLITOL You are to become an expert on one of the food additives listed below. You will prepare a summary of your findings about the food additive. The goal is to completely understand the functionality of your food additive and learn about it’s potential nutritive, chemical, physical, or environment concerns. Written Summary You will submit a 1-2-page written summary of your research. 1. Detailed Additive Analysis] a. How and when it was discovered? When was it approved for use in the US? b. What is the primary function of this additive in food? c. What foods contain this additive? d. Culinary characteristics (how heat, pH, fats, moisture, etc. impact it’s use). e. Processing information (how is it isolated, extracted, developed to be food safe and accessible) f. How does the FDA regulate this additive? Is it Generally Recognized as Safe? g. Controversies, if any (nutritive, chemical, physical, environmental, etc). 2. Current Scientific Research a. Use peer-reviewed scientific research papers (within the past 10 years) supporting claims or fueling controversies b. Describe one or more studies discussing your additive i. How was the study conducted and what were the outcomes? 3. Conclusion a. Would you recommend steering clear of the ingredient (Hmm) or do you consider it safe to consume (Healthy). Why? Give support based on all of the research you have done and it’s regulatory status in the US. Format • 300-500 words • Times New Roman or Arial, Size 12 font, 1 inch Margins • APA formatted with in-text citations • MS Word Document Academic Sources You are required to use a minimum of 3 academic sources for this assignment. This can include peer-reviewed journal articles, books, and published reports. At least 2 of your academic sources need to come from peer-reviewed Food Science publications. You are encouraged to use other credible sources such as news articles and government publications (FDA, USDA) as additional research resources.Hmm or Healthy Assignment Summer 2020

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