Nursing Social Policy Discussion T

Review the PowerPoint Assignment 1 Nursing’s Social Policy then: Answer the below questions in Word or docx format and upload to Canvas assignment tab.

Describe the six social concerns in health care and nursing
Describe the social contract between society and the profession of nursing
On what is authority of nursing based?
What is the definition of nursing?
List and Discuss four essential characteristics of nursing.
Under the terms of the social contract between society and the profession of nursing, society grants authority over functions vital to the profession and permits considerable autonomy in the conduct of its own affairs. Professional Nursing is accountable for ensuring that its members act in the public interest while providing the service society has entrusted to them. Identify at least two ways in which you anticipate within your future practice or are currently in your practice applying elements of the Nursing Social Contract.
In a clinical situation in your practice, or in your clinical practice, as a student, identify ways that you can apply the social contract with healthcare consumers and the public.


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