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Recall the opening scenario. Douglass, 12 years old, has a fractured fibula from a fall while jumping on a trampoline. He talks openly In the office about how much fun he has at his friend’s house after school and shares that he hopes his mother will still at him go there. He is also nervous about returning to his busy school with a cast and crutches. Douglass has normal vital signs and neurovascular checks of the lower extremities He ambulates well with crutches but appears slow and careful. Douglas admits that he has been pretty crazy at his friend’s house and takes chances on the trampoline that he should not take. He is worried that his friends at School will make fun of him now that he has a cast and crutches

1. Douglass’s fracture did not disrupt the growth plate. What h for each nursing diagnosis? s the type of his fracture according to the Salter -Harris classification? If his growth plate had been disturbed, what are some possible long-term outcomes?


2. What is Douglass’s developmental stage according to Erik son? Can that explain his risk-taking behaviors at his friend’s house? Douglass’s mother is worried about whether she should allow her son to continue going to his frlend’s house. What questions can you help her to ask the friend’s parents about supervision. activities allowed, and plans for emergencies?


3.List two nursing diagones dealing with the physical system and two focusing on psychosocial systems for Douglass


4.What evidence-based nursing interventions can you establish for each nursing diagnosis?

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