Nurse manger interview question.

Topic: nurse manger interview question


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This answers should be from a nurse manger / supervisor the answers have to reflect an icu i work on with a 17 bed unit wit staffing of 8 to 9 nurses every 12 hr shift.

1. How do scheduling and staffing affect the quality of health services offered to patients?

2. Based on specific diseases, how long should a patient be admitted?

3. How many hours in a day should nurses be attending to patients?

4. How many full-time employees are needed in a health care facility?

5. What cost is to be incurred for non-productive time?

6. How many full-time employees are available in a health care facility?

7. What are the staffing patterns used in a health care facility?

8. How does budgeting affect the inpatients and outpatients?

9. How should a health care facility handle low census?

10. What are the criteria supposbcqed to be used in calculating staff budgets?

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