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Observe 5 contexts (places) were two or more people are communicating to each other. Five paragraphs that include the following for each context: Describe the place and people involved. Observe and describe three or more types of nonverbal communication-how it was used within the conversation. Interpret what you are observing-basically, watching people without the sound. Before this exercise, what did you know about nonverbal communication? After the lecture and field exercise, what did you learn about nonverbal communication and the importance of knowing nonverbal communication? How might nonverbal communication be helpful in your personal and professional lives? These are not field notes but your description and interpretation of what you are observing, please write accordingly. About 2 or more pages in length. Please reference powerpoint as source!DevitoEHC10e_ch05_accessible Chapter 5-Nonverbal communication(1)

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