Nonsmokers’ Perceptions of Cigarette Smokers

a topic on psychology explain why its important then i need you talk about the previous research that talks about the topic, and one psychology idea that relates with it. then i will need you to find a gap in the literature take about how to conducting your own research on it, its very well explained in the rubric. My original topic was if smokers perceive smokers are perceived in a negative way then i was going to state for the gap in the research which was do ex smokers perceive smokers in a negative way iwas mostly basing it off this research. Seiter, John S, Weger, Harry, Merrill, Mandy L, Mark McKenna, R, and Sanders, Matthew L. 2010. “Nonsmokers’ Perceptions of Cigarette Smokers’ Credibility, Likeability, Attractiveness, Considerateness, Cleanliness, and Healthiness.” Communication Research Reports 27 (2): 143–58.

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