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MOVIE TITLE: The Great Debate

Write a 1,250-1,500-word analysis of a movie of your choice that the instructor approves.

In order to obtain credit you MUST do the following: thoughtfully apply and develop at least two course concepts per section. DO NOT only summarize the movie. Critically assess the movie in order to provide an intellectual response to each of the questions below.

1. Provide a brief synopsis of the plot and main characters.

2. Describe the role of leadership in the movie. What types of leadership were used? In what ways does leadership help the group achieve their goals?

3. What methods are used to reinforce the group’s identity (verbal & nonverbal)? What do the leaders do to reinforce and support the group’s decisions?

4. How does the group handle conflict? Are these conflicts constructive or destructive? In what ways?

5. Are there any ‘sidebar’ conversations among group members? How do conversations like these help the group achieve their goals? Do these types of conversations negatively or positively affect the group? How so?

6. Does the leader remind the group of the group’s purpose/goal? How does this help the group? Why is this important for the group?

You must use a minimum of six cited and referenced sources.

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