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On February 3, 2004, eighth-grader Jaime Rodrigo Gough was stabbed to death in a second-floor bathroom by classmate Michael Hernandez, both boys were 14. A fellow student found his lifeless body in a bathroom stall at which time the school went into lockdown. Parents who found out from other parents gathered in front of the school. Late in 2015 the convicted student’s case was brought back to court for a re-sentencing. Sun Sentitnel Articles http://www.sun-sentinel.com/news/sfl-jaimegough-storygallery.html Answer the following: What occurred (background of case)? Did the school administration respond appropriately to the incident? Was security an issue at the school? Were there any “red flags”? Did the victim precipitate this crime? (Research “victim precipitation” using MDC library.) What changes, if any, in security would you suggest? Is violent crime a common occurrence in schools (local/Florida/nationally)? What would be the appropriate punishment for the offender? Was justice served? -scholarly articles to support your position/findings. Hint: The introduction states your thesis or the purpose of the paper. Organize your body paragraphs to include a main idea, which is then developed or illustrated by support evidence. The conclusion is a restatement of your thesis.

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