Mathmatics-Linear Function_Business aplication

Research a local business to find out what you can about its profits and costs.

Answer the attachment Assigment completly and making the details of every step and calculus. Use the same Format.

Write two linear functions—one to model a cost that the business has and the other to model the revenue of the business. The template for your model might look something like:

a. revenue = (amount made off each customer)(number of customers)
b. cost = (cost created by each customer)(number of customers) + (some flat cost incurred )
c. cost = some flat cost incurred
Graph each of the functions you write in problem 1.
Using this information and the relationship between revenue, cost, and profit from problems 1 and 2, find the linear relation that you would expect to model profit.
Discuss in 4-5 sentences how fair you think the prices paid by customers are. Use your functions to support your comments.
Provide references for the business you researched. Record Web sites from which you gathered
information, people you talked to, and other data you used to complete the assignment.

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