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This project encompasses material from the 2nd half of the course (logic, fair division, voting theory, and apportionment). You are doing this project instead of a final exam because a question/answer type assessment for this course does not cover the depth of knowledge that is expected. All your work should be well-written (get it proofread!) and presented in a 800-1000 word essay with MLA formatting. Upload a Word document or PDF to submit your work. Work without sources cited throughout the paper and without a works cited page are not accepted. Do NOT include any quotes. All work should be written in your own words. Read something, put it in your own words, then cite your source. Part I – Logic Any election starts with campaigning and campaigning means trying to convince voters that they are better than the other candidate(s). Describe three logical fallacies that politicians commonly use, explain the fallacies and provide real-life examples of each. This is the only place in the essay where you are allowed to use quotes. You should have three different sources for this part. Part II – Apportionment In your own words, address the following: What is apportionment and why is it important? Give a real life example, other than the apportionment of the U.S. House of Representatives, of where and how apportionment was used. Part III – Apportionment of Legislative Districts & Gerrymandering In your reading for apportionment there is a small section on gerrymandering. Gerrymandering has been a huge topic in the news recently. Find a current article (published in 2019 or 2020) on a gerrymandering issue and summarize it. Be sure to explain the issue and describe who is benefiting from the gerrymandering and why? Part IV – Voting Choose a recent (last 20 years) federal, state, or local US election where the results could be seen as unfair. Describe the election, candidates, and position. Describe the voting method used. Explain why the results may not have been “fair.” Mention any fairness criteria that were violated. Suggest a better voting method to be used and explain how it would be implemented.NEW MTH 154 Final Project

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