Marx’s concepts associated with social class and class conflict.

Theory Topic Paper 1: Marx’s Critique of Capitalism The topic:
For this paper, you will outline and explain Marx’s critique of capitalism. At a minimum, the paper must address the following items/questions:
The historical context in which Marx made his observations (what was the industrialized world like at the time?).
According to Marx, what exactly was it about capitalism that made it exploitative? Hint: It has something to do with Marx’s labor theory of value.
Marx’s concepts associated with social class and class conflict.
General Requirements:
The paper must conform to the following general requirements, which are also mentioned in the syllabus:
Papers must consist of no fewer than 800 words.
The papers must fully address to specified topic. A more detailed description of each topic will be provided in GeorgiaVIEW.
The papers may not contain quoted content from the book or elsewhere, and papers must not be a direct paraphrase of any source. Sources may be used to inform the paper, but all sources must be cited properly. This includes both in-text citations and a references page, in accordance with ASA or APA style guides. All papers will be evaluated using the TurnItIn plagiarism detection application through GeorgiaVIEW.
Papers must be double-spaced and written in a standard 12-point font

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